The "Forgotten" 3500!
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The 3500 is an IRS filed "not for profit" with an ongoing effort led by Rob Moser to restore non-qualified and medical benefits formerly provided by Delta to its retired pilots prior to bakruptcy.  Since we are a representative group of many, donations to The 3500 are tax decuctible in the same way that gifts to your local little league are.  Your contribution receipt of cancelled check is your tax record.
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This page was last updated: January 8, 2013

I'm Rob Moser, the guy who wrote the petition letter appealing to Delta to right the wrong that was done to our Delta retired pilots and now I need your help.  I not only hope you are in agreement that the company should fix this but you are willing to do something to move toward that end.  The letter with, the supporting signatures, is the first step in an effort to be heard and addressed by Delta senior management.  Additional steps will be implemented until we get the attention that we deserve.  For this effort I need volunteers.  I need people to help with our goal to get a meeting with senior management which produces restored benefits to our group.   The effort by our DP3 is currently primarily geared toward the PBGC and restoring our quialified benefits.  Our effort is not in conflict and appeals directly to the company, targeting the lost non-qualified benefits.  If you can join me, we will be dedicated and diligent with clear focus and direction to get our voice heard. Sign up today to become a wingman on my team.                   Ret. Capt. Rob Moser

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